The Distinction in between OEM Projector and Aftermarket Projector

Now a lot of times individuals will open up their reflector fronts lights in order to include a projector, but on the market today, there's a lot of aftermarket choices that are also much better than the OEM projectors. This is called a projector retrofit. you can do a projector retrofit on a projector headlight changing the original projector with an aftermarket one.

But the most significant bang for your buck, the biggest transformation is when you take the reflector front lights and also add a projector to it. And that's where Morimoto comes in.


Morimoto has details kits that include various sizes of projectors that bixenon are specifically created to be retrofitted into the existing housing. , if you went to the junkyard and also drew this projector out of RAM as well as tried to mount it in an additional headlight that will be kind of difficult.. it's not made for that. The Morimoto projectors are particularly created to be mounted in a reflector housing to do a retrofit.

A pair last points to bear in mind regarding the difference in between reflector and projector. Generally, a reflector front lights will certainly make use of a halogen light bulb, yet there are particular scenarios where a car will come from the factory with a reflector with HID.

Very same opts for projectors, it has to do with 50/50, a lot of projector headlights from the manufacturing facility included a halogen light bulb, yet a lot of times they have LED or CONCEALED straight off the lot. Often you can convert a reflector front lights to LED or HID with just different light bulbs as well as occasionally you can do the exact same thing with a projector.


  • Normally talking, you're assured an increase in light outcome if you transform your projector halogen bulb to HID. , if you do LED the probabilities aren't that great..
  • There are more and more items coming out all the time that are suitable applications for an LED bulb in a projector.
  • If you currently have projector headlights and also you desire to make them brighter, you're guaranteed finest wager is an HID conversion package.

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